for New York State Assembly 91st District




Dear Residents,
My name is Bill Villanova and it is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for New York State Assembly. For four generations my family has lived in Westchester and it is with the love of our communities that I remain here with my family.
I am currently serving my second term as Deputy Supervisor for the Town of Rye. During the past 7 years I have focused my efforts on transparency, reducing taxes, reducing spending and best in class government.
We are experiencing ever increasing taxes with no end in sight. Property values are dropping and our schools are overburdened. The taxpayers are held hostage by an unsustainable pension system and a government that is not responsive to the resident taxpayers.
Unfortunately, this did not happen overnight. What we are currently experiencing is the result of years of mismanagement and elected officials who were unresponsive to the cries for help from their constituents.
I am willing to assume the responsibility for the “Sound Shore Assembly District”, make the much needed and overdue changes in Albany and fight for what is best for our communities.  I will introduce my plan for Albany, Sensible Solutions for a Sustainable New York.
It is through the support of the 91st Assembly District that I continue to vigorously campaign throughout our communities. Please follow me as I continue my campaign for New York State Assembly.
Respectfully I remain,
Bill Villanova

Bill Villanova with Governor Cuomo


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